sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2008

TITLE: "New Year Votes" or "What I´m Feeling Now About Tomorrow"

I was wondering, about what´ll happen, when comes the day
What we will do? Call for papa or mamma, to get us of a nightmare?
Is this a nightmare? And when the time call us, we wake up?
Don´t you get confused?

I think a new age is to come!
Because there´s no end, this is too much to have a end.
But, why?
And when we start to think about those questions,
we realize that life is easier with our eyes closed...

Well, is better I go to sleep now...
But, the sun, the flowers, the birds
they´re calling me to go out and sing, and fly...
And God knows that I´ll pass all my life singing and flying!
That´s what I need now...

But I prefer to stay here writing...
I don´t know why, but...
Is like talk to myself...
And in the end, whe get something.

I like the night...
but the moon, is too romantic
and if you´re alone, it becomes too dark.
It´s not only about day and night, it got feelings envolved.

I need to start a new life,
working, singing, flying
dooing things, to feel alive.
Not only sleeping and eating, like now.

Can you help me?
It´s too hard to start alone,
to lift our bodies from the dust,
without a hand our a soul...

But who are you?
Is there any ME in You?
Good question, hã?

But, now is time to stop!
Because I don´t or can´t dance, maybe this is the problem,
well the real problem is that I have become comfortably numb...

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